We have established contents verification and brand excellence from consumers in major area nationalwide by operating direct management academies.
(Gangnam Songpa, Junggye Eunheng, Bundang Suji, etc.)

We can meet the global leading brand ReadingBee anywhere in the country by supplying trustworthy and verified educational contents and academy operating systems to franchises.


ReadingBee, No. 1 brand in the industry of self-employed business! (English Reading Academy Franchise)

The results of 116 franchises in seven years since 2012 are the pride of Good Will Edu ReadingBee brand. (Including the program use academy) It has achieved a remarkable achievement as the number one franchise in the English Reading Academy. The head office is always trying its best to realize the value of mutual growth with other franchises.

COOPERATION(Government, University, Schools)

University(Study abroad, English Liberal Arts), Government Organization(Local Government English Education), Elementary and Middle School(After school English class).

The cooperative projects are based on public development and performance. We contribute to increase the level of English education development in Korea by popularizing high educational value of private education.


The completion of Blended Learning is based on validated and effective On Line contents.

Our verified online content, which is researched and developed through our own R&D Center(recognized by the Ministry of Science and ICT), provides English to learners in a more effective way.


The standardization of content is the most important in franchises.

We use standardized English reading education from headquarters quickly and accurately to franchises and consumers via local branch networks distributed evenly in metropolitan cities and other big cities nationwide.